The Unreal Journey 

What you can expect as we tailor a solution just for you

1. Personalised Consultation

Arrange an in-person meeting with one of Unreals senior trainers to discuss your fitness and lifestyle goals, obstacles and preferences.  We'll align on your aspirations and where we think Unreal can make a difference.

2. Identify your unreal trainer

We'll pair you with a highly qualified personal trainer whose expertise aligns with your goals. We want to ensure the best fit for the results you want to achieve.

3. Creating youR bespoke program

You can expect a personalized program tailored to your needs. Incorporating a variety of expert solutions, from muscular growth to fat loss to nutrition programming, ensuring a holistic solution.

4. Now, let's get started!

Coupling your goals with our program, your trainer will now guide, motivate, and track your progress.  We can adjust as needed, ensuring consistent progress of and alignment with your goals.

our services

Fat Reduction

Muscular Hypertrophy

Injury Rehabilitation

Athletic Performance

Pre & Post Natal Coaching


Fit3D Body Scan

Manual Therapy

Corporate Health & Wellness