Athletic Performance


The Challenge:

Looking to enhance your performance in a particular sport but not sure how to train effectively for it?

Our Solution:

Our Athletic Performance Training is designed to target the exact muscles, movements, and stamina levels required for your chosen sport, ensuring you perform at your peak.

Benefits You'll Experience:

You'll notice improved agility, strength, and endurance in your sport, leading to better performance, reduced risk of sport-related injuries, and a competitive edge.

How We're Different:

At Unreal Personal Training, we combine our knowledge of sports biomechanics with personalised training techniques. Whether it's tennis, running, or any other sport, we tailor your training to your specific needs.

Your Journey with Us:

We start by understanding your sport and your goals within it. From there, we design a programme that not only enhances your skills but also ensures you remain injury-free, celebrating each improvement with you.


Certified professionals and passionate individuals who genuinely care about understanding you and supporting your health and fitness journey.

Team 1

Gareth Fairhead

Co-founder & Managing Director
Team 1

Harvey Mercado

General Manager