Corporate Health & Wellness


Unreal Personal Training’s expert team of trainers and qualified nutritionists provide wellness support to organisations globally.  Whether you wish to upskill staff on the benefits of an active lifestyle with our seminars, create nutrition programs for busy, travelling executives, or include our 1:1 personal training service in your employee benefits programs, Unreal Personal Training is ready to equip your organisation to lead their best, healthiest life.

Benefits Corporate Health & Wellness

The Challenge:

Do you want to equip and empower your employees to step away from the desk, and embark on a lifestyle of health, strength and wellness?

Our Solution:

Our corporate wellness programs offer various solutions to organisations globally.  Encompasses 1:1 personal training and nutrition plans for your executives from our highly qualified trainers and nutritionists.  Plus engaging content and webinars which can equip your teams with the best advice when it comes to nutrition for performance, stress management, hormone management, staying on track when travelling - building a healthy, sustainable future for your staff and their loved ones.

Benefits You'll Experience:

You’ll witness your teams become motivated to improve their overall health and wellbeing, leading to more energised and productive teams, who see the benefits of complimenting careers with health and wellness.

How We're Different:

At Unreal Personal Training, our trainers and qualified nutritionists are some of the most knowledgeable in Singapore, equipped to understand the unique demands and realities of life for busy and high performing executives. This means your organisation can deliver staff benefits which truly make a difference to the overall health of your employees.

Your Journey with Us:

We create a customised offering for organisations based on their scale and requirements.  Whether it be corporate health carnivals with access to Fit3D body scanning technology, information and education sessions with staff, or free consultations and 1:1 training with your executives.


Certified professionals and passionate individuals who genuinely care about understanding you and supporting your health and fitness journey.

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Gareth Fairhead

Co-founder & Managing Director
Team 1

Harvey Mercado

General Manager