Fat Reduction


The Challenge:

Frustrated with stubborn fat that just won't budge, despite trying various diets and exercises?

Our Solution:

Our Fat Reduction programme isn't about quick fixes or extreme diets. It's about scientifically-backed training methods combined with sustainable nutrition plans to help you shed unwanted fat effectively.

Benefits You'll Experience:

Beyond just weight loss, you'll notice improved energy levels, better sleep, enhanced mood, and a boost in self-confidence as you achieve a leaner physique.

How We're Different:

At Unreal Personal Training, we understand that everyone's body is different. That's why we don't offer generic plans. Instead, we focus on understanding your unique metabolic rate, lifestyle, and preferences to craft a fat-reduction strategy tailored just for you.

Your Journey with Us:

It begins with a comprehensive consultation to understand your goals and challenges. From there, we'll design a plan that aligns with your lifestyle, offering consistent support and guidance, ensuring you're on track and celebrating each achievement with you.


Certified professionals and passionate individuals who genuinely care about understanding you and supporting your health and fitness journey.

Team 1

Gareth Fairhead

Co-founder & Managing Director
Team 1

Harvey Mercado

General Manager