Hello, I`m

Harvey Mercado

General Manager


A Glimpse Into My World:

Hey there! I'm Harvey, and if you ever hear a particularly loud voice echoing through Unreal, that's probably me—always paired with a big grin! Born and raised in Singapore, I'm a true rojak, fluent in four languages: English, Tagalog, Malay, and Spanish. I've always been active, from earning a sports scholarship in one of Singapore's top rugby schools (ACSI) to representing the Philippine National Rugby Team on the international stage. And if you're curious about my bodybuilding accolade, I clinched the NBFA Over 80kgs title in 2018!

My Fitness Journey:

My passion for fitness wasn't just born from my achievements. At 18, I weighed 125kg at a height of 173cm. It was a turning point. With the right coaching and nutrition, I not only shed the weight but also crafted a sustainable health plan. This personal transformation fuels my empathy and understanding of every client's journey.

How I Train:

Drawing from my diverse athletic background and personal weight loss journey, I bring a unique blend of experience to the table. I believe in pushing boundaries while ensuring that the journey is sustainable and enjoyable. Every individual's path is unique, and I'm here to guide, motivate, and celebrate every milestone with you.

Special Moments & Successes:

From representing my country in rugby to winning bodybuilding titles, my journey has been filled with highs. But the real joy comes from witnessing my clients achieve their goals, using my experiences to relate, guide, and inspire them.

Beyond Training:

My commitment goes beyond the gym. I'm here to provide guidance, share knowledge, and ensure you're equipped with the tools to make lasting changes. Your success and understanding are my top priorities.

Let's Connect!:

Ready to dive into your fitness journey? Let's get ready to Unleash, Unravel, and have an Unreal journey with me!


  • B.A (Hons)
  • Pre-Script Level 1 Nutrition
  • Pre-Script Level 1 Coaching
  • Certified PT
  • CPR + AED Certified