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Gareth Fairhead

I am Gareth Fairhead. Together with Ben, I am part owner and co-founder of Unreal personal training. I am an Australian national and moved to Asia in 2007, where I was based in Hong Kong for 5 years before moving to Singapore. To date, I have been in Singapore for nearly 10 years. Myself, along with my wife and 3 beautiful young daughters, are Singaporean PR and consider Singapore our home. Health, to me, is the summation of science applied to the body to improve it, and the continuous ability to in-cooperate that with everyday life. I stay healthy by spending quality time with my family in a full capacity (we all love chocolate and love eating it together) and accounting for those social choices with my time in the gym and slight adjustments to my diet. I pride myself on being science based in my approach, but having the flexibility and understanding of juggling work, family life, and social elements to fit into your health and wellness goals. Whether it is helping you recover from an injury, building strength, gaining muscle, or helping you understand the basics and complications and contradictions of nutrition, I am here to support you.