Hello, I`m

Pierre Chng


Hello, I'm Pierre & A Glimpse Into My World:

Hello I’m Pierre! I am not part French as my name might suggest. I love a good time and over the years, I have come to learn that it all starts from within. I have a zest for good food with an intense focus on wellness! I was formerly a head coffee roaster, educator and hospitality professional for 7 years and through that I discovered my passion to share knowledge, guide techniques and achieve goals.

My Fitness Journey:

Having undergone a massive weight loss, 54kgs at 18 years old within a span of 6 months, I have utilised many methods to maintain and get lean to no avail remaining skinny fat at best. I got into weightlifting casually in 2022 and meeting Yang (Elite Trainer at Unreal) truly took that spark for fitness to the next level. I have expanded on his guidance to develop my interest in bodybuilding and I am happier with how I look and feel now more than ever!

How I Train:

I train with emphasis on exercise execution and safety. To maximise yields from effort to achieve results not only I know you can but also towards the goals that you have outlined for me. The how’s and why’s are the core to shaping new small habits that will over time take shape in your wellness.

Special Moments & Successes:

Every individual in the past and future have and will be an integral part of me. Special moments are the little nuggets between and after sessions. Success starts in the mind and builds outside the gym. The signal to fitness is sparked in the gym. Success is ours together!

Beyond Training:

My role here is not only just that of a trainer. Little habits make a big difference. I am also here to guide, support and celebrate with you in and out of the gym for long and sustainable fitness.

Let's Connect!:

I’m ready when you are and we can chat over a coffee or two! Your journey at Unreal is about to get real!