Hello, I`m

Nazharia Lomboan


A Glimpse Into My World:

Hey there! I'm Nazharia, but you can call me Naz. Ever since I was young, sports have been my playground, a space where I constantly challenged myself and expanded my horizons. At just 15, I started weight training, setting the foundation for my journey in competitive functional fitness and weightlifting. Over the years, I've proudly clinched titles such as the Fittest Woman in Singapore (2017) and Singapore National Weightlifting Champion (2019, 2020). And in 2022, I took a leap into the world of bodybuilding, competing on both national and international stages. Now, I am fully enjoying living and breathing the hybrid-athlete life!

My Fitness Journey:

Beyond my personal achievements, my role as a coach has allowed me to empower women. I'm deeply passionate about helping women discover their true potential, both physically and mentally. It's not just about lifting weights; it's about lifting each other up, building confidence, and embracing our authentic selves.

How I Train:

My approach is straightforward and effective. I believe in equipping women with no-nonsense tools to craft a sustainable lifestyle that aligns with their unique goals. It's about cultivating strength, confidence, and authenticity, both inside and outside the gym.

Special Moments & Successes:

Every client I've trained, every barrier we've broken together, and every milestone achieved is a testament to our shared dedication. Helping people find their inner athlete, whether it be nailing their first pull-up or competing in a sport they love, each success story is hugely satisfying to me.

Beyond Training:

At Unreal, I'm more than just a coach; I'm an advocate, mentor, and cheerleader. I'm here to guide, inspire, and celebrate every victory with you, no matter how big or small.

Let's Connect!:

Ready to unlock your potential and lead a fulfilling life? Let's embark on this empowering journey together at UNREAL!


  • Pre-Script Level 1 Coaching
  • Mac Nutrition Certified Nutritionist