Hello, I`m

Khai Huzzainy


Hello, I'm Khai & A Glimpse Into My World:

Hello, I'm Khai, and I've dedicated over six years to the fitness industry in Singapore. As an experienced personal trainer, I've had the privilege of guiding a diverse range of clients, from budding youth athletes to seniors and individuals with critical conditions like diabetes. My journey has seen me wear multiple hats, from being a senior strength and conditioning coach to leading teams as the head of strength and conditioning.

My Fitness Journey:

My passion for fitness goes beyond just workouts; it's about understanding individual needs, crafting tailored programs, and witnessing the transformative power of dedicated training. Over the years, I've honed my expertise in strength and conditioning, ensuring that every session is both challenging and rewarding.

How I Train:

With a strong foundation in strength and conditioning, I bring a holistic approach to training. Whether you're in a small group or one-on-one, my focus is on creating experiences and routines that align with your goals and capabilities. As a Pre-Script Level One coach, I ensure that every training plan is personalized, comprehensive, and designed for success.

Special Moments & Successes:

Every client's journey is unique, and I take immense pride in being a part of their transformative experiences. From helping youth athletes reach their peak performance to guiding seniors towards a healthier lifestyle, every success story is a testament to our shared dedication.

Beyond Training:

Training is just one aspect of the journey. I'm here to provide guidance, share insights, and ensure that you're equipped with the knowledge and tools to sustain your fitness journey long-term.

Let's Connect!:

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  • Pre-Script Level 1 Coaching
  • * CPR + AED Instructor
  • * Emergency Medical Technician Course
  • * First Aid Course Instructor
  • * Fitness Instructor Course
  • * Level One Wrestling Coach