Hello, I`m

Kat Enriquez


Hello, I'm Kat & A Glimpse Into My World:

Hey there! I'm Kat, your always smiling and bubbly trainer from the Philippines who made Singapore her home in 2019. Before starting my career in personal training, I was a special education teacher. While I cherished my time in the classroom, I wanted to take on something which aligned with my passions in life. Growing up, I was the girl who couldn't sit still. From representing the national cheerleading team in the Philippines to participating in basketball, gymnastics, and dance, I've always been on the move. And now? I've found a new passion in bodybuilding!

My Fitness Journey:

My journey in fitness is a blend of my love for movement and my desire to teach. At UNREAL, I've found the perfect platform to push my limits, delve into understanding the human body, and combine my passions: sports, teaching, and guiding others towards their goals.

How I Train:

Drawing from my diverse athletic background and teaching experience, I believe in a holistic approach to training. It's not just about lifting weights; it's about understanding the 'why' behind each movement, setting realistic goals, and celebrating every achievement, big or small.

Special Moments & Successes:

Every client brings a unique story and set of aspirations. Guiding them, witnessing their progress, and sharing in their successes is what makes this journey truly rewarding.

Beyond Training:

At Unreal, I'm not just your trainer; I'm your cheerleader, guide, and friend. Together, we'll navigate the world of fitness, set milestones, and achieve them, one rep at a time.

Let's Connect!:

Ready to hop on a fitness journey of fun and loads of motivation? Let's grab a meal and hit our Unreal Gym! 


  • Pre-Script Level 1 Coaching
  • CPR + AED Certified