Hello, I`m

James Morgan


A Glimpse Into My World:

Hey there! I'm James.. Fun fact, I was born in the UK, but raised in Malaysia and Singapore. I played competitive rugby at ACSI and served NS in Singapore.  Rugby taught me a valuable lesson: a team is only as strong as its weakest link. It's this ethos of collective growth and celebrating each other's successes that I bring to my work at Unreal.

My Fitness Journey:

I actually started my professional journey in marketing and sales in Pharmaceuticals, I and always gravitated towards an active lifestyle. The camaraderie of rugby and the discipline of weight training made me realise that my passion was in the fitness industry. Transitioning to a full time career in training and nutrition is like a homecoming.

How I Train:

I view my clients as teammates. Every session, every rep, and every milestone is a collective effort. Your wins are my wins, and together, we push boundaries and achieve greatness. With a blend of technical expertise and a team-driven approach, I ensure that our fitness journey will be fulfilling and rewarding!

Special Moments & Successes:

Every client brings a unique story, a set of goals, and challenges. Witnessing their transformations, celebrating their achievements, and being a part of their journey is what makes this profession truly fulfilling.

Beyond Training:

At Unreal, our relationship goes beyond just training sessions. I'm here to guide, support, and cheer you on, every step of the way. Your success is our shared goal, and together, we make it a reality.

Let's Connect!:

Teamwork makes the dream work. Let's chat, set some goals, and embark on an Unreal fitness journey together!


  • Pre-Script Level 1 Coaching
  • ScoobyU- Introduction to Functional Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition Association; Certified Sports Nutritionist