"Prevention is Better than Cure"

Everyone has heard the old adage and nowhere is that more relevant than when it comes to personal health and wellness.

We are fortunate to have seen major advancements over the past few decades in our understanding of exercise, nutrition, metabolic and hormonal health, and the overall science of aging.

Hormones & Metabolic Rates

While we may all have varying fitness goals, ranging from weight loss, strength gains, cardiovascular endurance and more, knowing how each body works and responds to exercise and nutrition is vital.

We know that different individuals face unique challenges in their fitness journey, and much of these have to do with decreasing levels of certain hormones as we age, such as testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone in both men and women.

These hormones have a huge impact on our physical and mental wellbeing, including effects on muscle mass, fat storage, bone density, mood, sleep, sexual function and cognitive sharpness.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that optimization of these hormones in deficient individuals increases strength and lean muscle mass gains, reduces fat mass, and improves cardiovascular health, and metabolic parameters such as blood pressure, lipids, and insulin sensitivity – this is especially so when paired with proper nutrition and exercise regimes.

However, we can only manage what we can measure. This is why working with a knowledgeable trainer is essential when it comes to your fitness goals, and similarly working with an experienced doctor is as important when it comes to your health and wellness. A simple range of blood tests can offer a vast amount of information about your body’s metabolic, hormonal and nutritional status. With this information, individualized plans can optimize your fitness and health journey.

DTAP Hormonal & Metabolic and Sexual Health Screening

The DTAP team is psyched to offer their Hormonal & Metabolic and Sexual Health Screening services to UNREAL clients,
with the goal of highlighting the importance of knowing the medical aspect of health & fitness.

Unreal PT – Hormonal & Metabolic Screening = $185+
Unreal PT – Sexual Health Screening = $274+

Speak to our UNREAL Trainers for more information.

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