UNREAL has teamed up with Rapid Physiocare to provide in house physiotherapy services in our facility.


Over the course of working with our clients throughout the years, we know that everyone has their own niggles and discomforts in their fitness journey. Whilst it is safe to train through some discomfort, understanding where the source comes from through a proper diagnosis and assessment from a well trained physical therapist allows UNREAL to work with our clients more synergistically.

This collaboration allows us to work hand in hand to share knowledge, education and support overall wellness and injury prevention for our clients, ensuring that the end goals/results are met in a more holistic approach.

What is Rapid Physiocare:

Rapid Physiocare is a leading physical therapy centre that strives to deliver the highest level of care to the community. They have been serving clients for 13 years and have established three branches in Singapore:  Tanjong Pagar, Novena and Paya Lebar.

What this means for you:

With the integration of Rapid Lifestyle & Wellness, professional physiotherapists are here to support your journey in health and fitness, allowing you to train with a peace of mind at Unreal. Your trainers will be able to push you to your limits in a safe and guided manner, in accordance with direct feed back from your physiotherapist. Let us take over and provide comprehensive care for your wellness journey.

“In Rapid Physiocare, our physical therapists are a team of  well trained, dedicated and caring professionals. We are trusted with our strong expertise and are driven to provide the highest level of care to our patients.”

John Abraham, Managing Director.

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