The beginning...

It all started in 2014 when a young personal trainer named Benjamin Broughton met one of his clients –Gareth Fairhead. Gareth was on his own wellness journey after suffering an excruciatingly painful neck injury. (compressing his C4, C5 & C6 vertebrae)

Gareth worked hard to regain his own health and fitness, but found himself navigating through false information regarding health and fitness. It was only after training with Ben and learning science-based approaches that Gareth drastically changed his outlook on fitness and nutrition.


During one of their PT sessions, Ben stated that he wanted, “To build a space that encourages ambitious and competitive trainers with integrity, who are always looking to better themselves and help clients to the best of their ability while being able to put the team first.”

This comment resonated with Gareth and inspired him to work with Ben. When brainstorming to make Ben’s dream become a reality, Gareth was adamant about wanting “to give back to the community what I have been given in realizing a healthier lifestyle.”


And thus, UNREAL Personal Training was born!

This began the story of a Trainer and Client joining forces to build a safe space that is rich in knowledge and compassion to help our community achieve UNREAL results.

Today, UNREAL Personal Training is an educational fitness studio specializing in 1on1 personal training, offering bespoke programs in the way of weight training, strengthening & conditioning, and nutrition through proper education and sustainable practices.