Nike Tallentire
September 2021
Love my training sessions ❤️

Love my training sessions here.  I have been training with Gareth (one of the co owners) for 2 years.  It is always an intensive workout but also loads of fun.  The staff are amazing - it feels like you are hanging out with friends.  I would recommend Unreal to anyone for a great workout and fun at the same time.

Sabrina Azmi
September 2021
Great Atmosphere!

Great atmosphere, space and workout!!! Elly absolutely killed us (in the best way possible haha) Would recommended the group classes for everyone wanting to get fit 👍🏼

Steve Mercentile
September 2021
My PT was exceptional

My experience with Unreal and specifically Nic as my PT was exceptional. I had a goal and a time frame of 3 months before I got married, unfortunately during this time the Covid restrictions were on and off that could have hindered reaching the goals, the team and Nic were very adaptable and creative whilst still being conscious of safety and following government guidelines all to ensure I hit my goals.

The programme was great, it progressed as we went and so didn’t get boring and with the diet advice, I noticed changes and gains from week 2/3 – by the end id overachieved my muscle gains but best of all unexpectedly learned heaps of useful knowledge for working out, form, muscles and diet etc…

The new facilities are first class, and all the people are also very nice and welcoming, they can’t do more to make you feel comfortable, safe and at ease. Nic was particularly good and very understanding, knowledgeable, friendly, and also motivating. I have done a few other fitness programmes and classes like Cross Fit and some others but the team at Unreal have been my best experience to date, some of these other places can be a bit cliquey and competitive that make you feel uncomfortable but it’s the complete opposite at unreal.

Keep up the good work guys!

September 2021
Highly recommended

Highly recommend UNREAL PT - they have an extensive range of machines and dedicated trainers to help with your fitness journey. Nic was very encouraging and pushed me to challenge myself every session. she's also very committed, always checking in to make sure i've kept up with my exercises even during circuit breaker. through her guidance, i’ve seen myself get stronger with better mind-muscle connection and able to train much more efficiently 💪🏼 no regrets embarking on my fitness journey with Nic and unreal! v professional with great training prog and is a skilled trainer who knows her stuff

Josephine Seet
August 2021
Great place to train!

Great place to train with top notch coaching staff. Highly recommend!

Amanda Poh
August 2021
Facilities are top notch!

Group class led by Trainer Elly is well organised. Every class which I've attended trained by her is always full of energy with a variety of workouts. The workouts are challenging and fun at the same time. She pays attention to my form, corrects them, and never stinge on words of encouragement and support. Facilities are top notch. A great place to workout and wind down.

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Jolene Chui
March 2021
Great Vibes!

Great vibes and trainers, legit gym right here. Definitely recommend if you are looking to build strength and have fun with a friendly community.

Chris Southgate
November 2019
Awesome Trainers!

If you are looking to push yourself and get results this is the place! Just got some new machines in too. Staff and trainers are awesome. Not too crowded.

Julian Mittag
August 2019
Great place to train!

Trainers are very dedicated and take time to help you grow and learn the right form for the exercises. As most of them are competing bodybuilders by themselves they know what they are talking about.  Since it is a private lessons only gym you never run into the problem of the gym being overcrowded. I can just recommend this place and the trainers for everyone who really want to improve and get results! 5 stars!

Swastik Agarwal
August 2019
Extremely professional trainers

Extremely professional trainers who know what they are doing. I've started to see results in as little as 3 weeks. Road to weight loss for me is clear and I know what I need to do.

Vicky Smith
July 2019
Highly Recommended!

Gareth, Ben and the team at Unreal are 100% dedicated to your results and success. They’ll start by getting to know what you want to accomplish and who the right trainer will be for you. working with you on your nutrition, workout habits and enabling you to make the most of each workout you will soon get the results you want!

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