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Sarah Tan

I’m Sarah Tan, and I’m in charge of administration here at Unreal. Although I was born in Singapore, I have spent most of my life out of the country due to the nature of my father’s work. I attended university in Beijing and have an undergraduate degree in clinical medicine – a course that I completed in Chinese! I’m currently pursuing my Master’s degree/residency in Pediatric General Surgery, but have had to put my career on hold due to COVID-19. When I found myself stranded in Singapore, I decided to reach out to my cousin Min to see if I could make myself useful at the gym. Fast forward many months later, I am still stuck in Singapore and have become an integral member of Unreal! My time in Unreal has changed my lifestyle. Min took me under her wing and trained me for 2 months before my wedding and my transformation was both internal and external. Since then, I have a newfound appreciation for the gym and love sharing my experience with clients. Feel free to approach me (you will generally find me at the front desk) if you have any questions or enquires about Unreal!