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Sabrina Nur

I’m Sabrina, one of the interns at Unreal. I started my fitness journey through boxing at age 16 all with the sole purpose of wanting to get fitter and stronger. After 2 years of boxing recreationally, I had my first bout and my competitive spirit loved every bit of it! I eventually got scouted to box for the national team: I’m a currently a national boxing athlete for Singapore! Through my years of being an athlete, I have had the support to consistent strength and conditioning programme, which helped me massively in my career. It has kept me away from any major injuries and has allowed me to move, feel and perform better. Being a PT will allow me to learn and impart knowledge to guide others to building a positive lifestyle where they can feel and move better. I chose to be an intern at Unreal as I wanted to be in an environment surrounded by established PTs whom I know can guide me to cultivate the skills to be a great PT.