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Hi my name is Nazharia but people call me Naz. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia and went to school in Singapore and the UK. I have always been competitive in sports from a young age, mainly because of my dad (he was a National athlete in Silat). I played many different sports, ranging from martial arts, basketball to soccer. However, when I started weight training at 15, I was exposed to functional fitness (CrossFit) and the sport of weightlifting. Being the all-or-nothing girl I am, I then went on to participate in many regional and national competitions, achieving Fittest Woman in Singapore (2017), and Singapore National Weight Lifting Champion (2019, 2020). Fast forward to 2022, I have chosen to focus on the sport of Bodybuilding and recently won NPC Singapore Overall Bikini Champion, nbd ;-). I could not have achieved all this without the help of amazing coaches in my life. Their influence has been great, and I only hope to influence clients in the same way. I promise to help you find your true meaning and win all the competitions you set for yourself in your health and wellness journey. See you in UNREAL!