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Mathew Kang

I am Mathew. Born and bred in Singapore, I have been active since young. My passion for fitness is why I am here at Unreal PT today. As an athlete, my addiction for middle distance running has come a long way since I started when I was 13. Running helps me find clarity with my purpose and is a form of meditation for me. When not at the gym, you can catch me jogging at the beach, flying people to their favorite destinations, or travelling the world and conquering new mountain peaks by hook or by foot! After completing my bachelor's degree, I was in the private banking industry for 2 years before switching to a career in aviation. However when I joined Unreal, it became apparent to me that there was so much for me to learn in this field, and my ability to guide individuals to change their lives could improve the more I understood. I strongly believe there is a definitive way of achieving any fitness goals you set for yourself - it all starts with the right mindset, proper guidance and lots of discipline. Join me for a fun journey to use the skills developed by chasing health and fitness to not only improve your physical health but help with developing you as the unique individual you were meant to be.