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Kelly Ong

Hello, Kelly here! I embarked on my fitness journey at a mere age of 15, with the goal of growing stronger and improving my body. Along the way, I discovered powerlifting and grew to love the spot, going so far as to compete and hold national records for my weight class! Along the way, I was encouraged by many who helped me achieve my fitness goals and subsequently developed a passion to inspire those around me. This led to me becoming a PT. After the COVID lockdown, I became a stretch therapist as another avenue to help my clients, and found much success in allowing my clients to feel and move better. I gained vast knowledge of the human anatomy as a stretch therapist and was able to apply this on the gym floor as well. Besides being in the gym, I am a foodie who enjoys cafe hopping and trying out different types of coffee. I strongly believe that staying fit does not mean cutting out on all treats! I am looking forward to assisting my UNREAL clients work towards their goals with a sustainable and enjoyable process!