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Kat Enriquez

Hey guys what’s up I’m Kat! I was born and raised in the Philippines and moved to Singapore in 2019. Before moving into personal training, I worked as a special education teacher. After spending years in the education sector, I’ve decided to pursue my career in teaching outside the four corners of the classroom. Growing up, I loved being active and just moving about. I was part of the national cheerleading team in the Philippines and took up various sports such as basketball, gymnastics, and dance – I couldn’t keep still! Currently, I have found a new love for bodybuilding. Here at UNREAL, I can push myself to the limit and learn more about the human body. I am also able to combine three of my passions: sports, teaching, and helping others with their goals. Hence, I jumped at the opportunity to join the Unreal family, a place where I can continue to pursue my passions and set new goals for myself. Let’s eat and let’s lift!