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Hwa Yang Soh

Hi, my name is Yang. I am 23 and am commonly referred to as “the youngest trainer” at unreal. As a kid, I have always loved sports, and the great outdoors. At the age of 14, I moved to Australia and soon realized I was the smallest kid on my rugby team. Thankfully, there was a gym beside my boarding house. I started my weightlifting journey struggling to lift the barbell but quickly fell in love. I was even offered a part time job at the gym while I was in high school. After graduating high school and entering the army, I had less time to spend weightlifting but lost 18kg while serving my 2 years thanks to all the cardio-related exercises. I then pursued a double degree in politics and economics, and held several finance internships and jobs. One day, a good friend of mine recommended me a book – “start with why”, which reminded me how much I missed the gym. I missed being dedicated to myself and to the people that I met in the gym, I missed picking up new skills in my fitness journey, and I missed helping others achieve their goals and learn new knowledge. And hence, I decided to leave the finance sector and pursue becoming an unreal trainer. Come train with me and feel “yang” all the time!