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Henry Lim

My name is Henry, and I am probably the tallest trainer at Unreal (standing at 187cm, I am often coined as a Gentle Giant by my friends and peers). I developed a passion in nutrition and fitness ever since I was in polytechnic, and subsequently graduated from university with an honours degree in Food and Human Nutrition. I have been working in the fitness industry ever since (ACSM- and NASM-accredited), and have focused on prehab/rehab for the most part. I have a penchant towards perpetual learning, especially about anatomy and physiology, and I love to engage in physical activities such as badminton and basketball. When I am not in the gym or exercising, you can find me exploring eateries – after all, life is all about striking a good balance! I used to be overweight when I was younger, but years of growth and learning have helped me to effect sustainable weight/fat loss and really transformed me wholly, both outside and in (I used to be WAY more introverted back then). With the knowledge that I have gained from my past and ongoing learning stint, I am hugely fervent when it comes to relating and guiding people towards their own goals in the most realistic way possible. Come say hi when you see me around!