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Eoin James Scullion

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Eoin James Scullion

My name is Eoin Scullion and I am a Senior Trainer and Head of Education at Unreal Personal Training. I am Irish and have spent many years overseas. I have been very fortunate to have played rugby union; it was a great opportunity to travel the world and play the game. Injury cut my rugby playing career short and I made the natural move into coaching. My interest in Strength and Conditioning led me into internships with the Waratahs and Sebastian Oreb (Australian Strength Coach). This experience led to full time employment in rugby, where I gained exposure coaching in a high-performance environment. As Head of Education, I am excited to share my knowledge with UNREAL. I have an Undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sports Science (Northumbria University), a Masters in Strength and Conditioning (St Mary's Twickenham) and in Exercise Physiology (University of Sydney). I have also completed numerous further education programs and mentorships in nutrition and program design from the likes of Muscle Nerds, Sebastien Oreb, ASCA (Level 2&3), ISSN and Precision Nutrition. On the PT front, I enjoy coaching people from different populations; people with injuries and ailments, athletes, people who want to become healthier and men who want to look and feel great. I am an empathetic type of person with a good sense of humour, and I can’t wait to help you make a sustainable change in your life!