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I am Elly Morgan, I’m 41 years old and a mom of 3. I’m known to some as James Morgan’s mother (I look better and more shredded than him). I first started working in the police force after my studies. Shortly after, I met my husband and decided to move to Penang to be with him. It was only 4 years later when our family moved back to Singapore that I worked with the Singapore Armed Forces as a physical training instructor. There, I trained recruits and military men to help them pass their IPPT and improve their fitness. I was also conducting outdoor boot camps aka HIIT classes for Health Promotion Board. I have always had a passion for fitness. I love the adrenaline rush I feel during and after workouts. All my career choices have always allowed me to improve the fitness of others. I know that I have made a positive impact in so many people’s lives. I feel confident that I can also improve your fitness, should you choose to come and work alongside me.