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Hi! I am Bryan Poh, one of the interns at UNREAL. Being a bubbly guy, I tend to be easy going and enjoy taking things one step at a time. I am, however, very serious about my strength and weight training! I started working out with weights when I was 16 and it soon became my dream: I intend to partake in my first Bodybuilding competition in 2023. Through my training, I have discovered that bodybuilding is not just about lifting weights and increasing muscle mass, but that technique and accurate execution is key. Learning about different techniques, trying them out, perfecting them, seeing the final result… this entire process is very exciting to me. My desire to become a PT is heavily stemmed in this regard. I am excited to help clients reach their goals by finding techniques that work for them, and through inventive programming and scheduling. I chose to be an UNREAL intern because I want to gain the necessary experience and skills required to be a great PT, one who can leave a lasting impact on clients.