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My name is Brenda Ong. I’m a Singaporean citizen whose first career was a SQ air stewardess. Although I loved the perks of flying to different countries, I soon realized that all the travelling and time difference was taking a toll on my body. While overseas, I found myself spending more time in hotel gyms than exploring the city and realized that my joy was derived from the gym and not flying. I decided to end my time with SQ but did not quite know how to transit to a different career. I dipped my toes in event management for a few years (I thought it would be a safe choice) but then decided to be GUNG HO and take the plunge. I was put in touch with Unreal PT and did the toughest workout of my life – the beasting. By some miracle, I managed to pull through and here I am today! I have come a long way since joining the company. I now understand my body better, have a greater insight into nutrition, and have grown lottas muscles. Along the way, I have also been able to impart knowledge to my clients and helped them improve their lifestyles. I would love to be given the opportunity to walk beside you in your fitness journey.