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Benjamin Broughton

I am Benjamin Broughton, and together with Gareth, am part owner and co-founder of Unreal Personal Training. I was always a scrawny kid and unfortunately, was extremely passionate about playing rugby. After one too many injuries on the rugby field, I decided that enough was enough and made a lifestyle change to build my muscles. That was at 17 years of age. By the age of 20, I had started body building and have since taken part in over 28 competitions, both in Singapore and overseas. Till today, I remain fascinated with the changes the human body can make given the right nutrition and training (ask me for my before and after photos!) The start was by no means easy, but I am now obsessed with strength training and learning how to better the human body. I constantly seek knowledge to help improve one’s fitness and health. I am fortunate to have worked with many outstanding individuals in the personal training field. Having seen the tremendous impact that the right trainer can have on a person’s life, I was inspired to start Unreal. Unreal is a labor of love to enable Gareth and myself to share what health and fitness has given us to our community.