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Angel De Leon

Hello, I am Angel, one of the full-time ladies here at the UNREAL front desk. I was born in the Philippines, but raised in Japan for most of my life due to my mom’s work. Yes, that means I can understand anime without the subtitles! After high school, I went back to the Philippines to attend university. In university, I found my passion in serving the community – organizing parties, hosting coastal clean-ups, and building houses for the less fortunate. Through this, I learned how to work with others. After finishing my bachelor’s in Political Science and my masters in Global Politics, I wanted to pursue teaching children in Japan as I had enjoyed that experience during high school. This experience pushed me to become more organized, and I learnt to be more patient as children need structure and space to grow into themselves. At this point, I knew that I truly loved working with people which led me to accept a role as an administration executive here at UNREAL. Even though I am not the most active person(still a work in progress), working here at UNREAL has made me appreciate how hard one needs to work to achieve a certain physique by training consistently!