What is UNREAL Personal Training?

We are a bespoke personal training gym, dedicated to empowering and inspiring our clients to realize their best physical composition and achieving their fitness goals.

What does the Unreal PT experience look like? ?

Unreal promises structure in training, accountability with the diet and an optimal way to achieve health and physique goals. All advice and suggestions are made taking into account a clients individual preferences and also what the consensus is in the scientific community.

How big is Unreal gym and what equipment do you have?

Unreal PT is over 13’000 square feet and we have over 100pieces of equipment. We are very interested in training equipment and frequently upgrade our gym floor with state of the art equipment shipped in from all over the world. We have brands such as Gymleco, Nautilus, Technogym, Hoist, Arsenal, Gym Shop Kit, BodyMasters, Movement First and Hammer Strength.  

How does Unreal match trainers and clients?

Our trainers each have unique skill sets and specialize indifferent areas of health and fitness. We ensure you are matched with someone based on your goals, needs, wants and times you’d like to train. We ideally match two individuals who we feel will get along as we believe in synergy between a client and a trainer.

Can I choose my trainer?

Yes! If you know which trainer you would like to train with, do let us know, and provided your schedules match up, we will pair you with him/her.

How long will it take to see results?

We track our client changes every 2 weeks, from a data point of view you will see results almost instantly. From a visual perspective, most fat loss clients notice results after 4-6 weeks and muscle gain clients notice very visible results after 6-8 weeks.

Will I have to diet?

To maximize your potential to achieve your desired results, we will make suggestions and advice on nutritional considerations to make that suit your lifestyle. 

Does Unreal offer a trial session?

If you are apprehensive about making a commitment, you do not need to purchase a package. Instead, you can purchase a single PT session with a trainer and make a decision afterwards.

How can I book a group class?

You can book classes by going to Unreal’s BSport booking website using this link: https://tinyurl.com/unrealgroupclass. All you have to do is create an account for yourself, purchase credits, and book your class!

What services does UNREAL offer?

We are one of Singapore’s largest independent personal training gym and we offer customized training programs for 1-on-1 Personal Training, Small Group Classes, and virtual online coaching.

What does your UNREAL PT include and how much are they?

We customize every Personal Training program for every client individually, depending on our client's physical state and their ultimate fitness goals. Whether is strength training, muscle building, or just weight loss.

+ high performance hypertrophy
+ rapid weight loss solutions
+ sustainable weight management
+ strengthening and injury recovery
+ sport specific coaching

Come visit and speak with us for a free consultation today.

Where is UNREAL Personal Training located?

139 Cecil Street
Level 11 & 12
Singapore 069539.

What are the gym's opening times?

We are able to provide services to you 24 hours, however our front desk is officially open 7am - 8pm on weekdays and 7am - 2pm on Saturdays.
Please make an appointment before coming down to the gym to ensure that someone will be able to attend to you.

Speak to someone at UNREAL Personal Training?

Phone or WhatsApp +65 9711 5905 or email enquiry@realptsingapore.com